Where do I start? My dad was a convict who hit my mom and moved us all over the southern U.S.? My family was in a cult church for a while and we were supposed to wear skirts all the time, long hair, no make-up…., Friction burning my entire arm at age 4(ish) on an old fashioned wringer washer and b/c of the cult church we didn’t receive medical help. Just prayer and home care. A little younger than that my cousin pushed me into one of those black Florida canals and I almost drowned. This is all before age 7. Everything calmed down a bit after that. My dad went “law school” (that’s what he called Huntsville State pen in Texas), my mom struggled on her own in low rent houses and the projects for a while but eventually remarried a wonderful man and father to me. This man legally adopted me and life finally became quite normal. So, tomorrow I guess I can start with one of those life moments. I’m not looking for a following as much as I’m just writing my stories, thoughts, and opinions. We’ll see how it goes. 


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